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Symbolically adopt a red-eyed tree frog. Your card will help species like this rainforest amphibian and their habitats thrive!

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Red-eyed tree frogs are tiny masters of disguise found in the lowland rainforests from southern Mexico to northern South America. As the sun sets during the rainy season, red-eyed tree frogs descend from their lofty perches 15 metres or more above the ground to breed in ponds and puddles. They lay their eggs in a gelatin base on the underside of leaves. After a week or two, the tadpoles hatch and wiggle until they drop into a pool of water below, where they grow into frogs.

Threatened by habitat loss, your symbolic adoption helps WWF protect habitats across the globe, ensuring the long-term survival of species like the red-eyed tree frog. What's more, you're providing a healthier natural world for us all.


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