help restore habitat, one grizzly at a time.

Introducing the all-new WWF-Canada grizzly bear AR experience! It's our new augmented reality (AR) app that helps restore habitat with every virtual gift purchase.

Grizzli - WWF-Canada

Get to know all about grizzlies

Get ready to be amazed when you go on this augmented reality exploration that answers grizzly bear questions like: How did the grizzly get its name? Where does it roam? What does it eat, besides salmon? Plus, learn about the conservation success stories behind this iconic species.


Get up close and personal

Bring the grizzly bear right into your living room with your smartphone or tablet. Follow the easy-to-use instructions for a 360-degree view of the bear, tap to learn grizzly facts, then capture the moment and share your photos with friends and family.

Get grizzly in 3D

This new augmented reality experience, complete with clear visuals and sound effects, offers an interactive and engaging journey in real time, allowing you to discover a species like never before. It's a pretty cool virtual adventure that recipients will love to share.

Help restore (grizzly) habitat

The AR experience offers instant online delivery-no shipping required - ideal for last-minute gifting. There's no physical product for low environmental impact, and the entire cost of the gift is a donation to WWF-Canada to restore habitat. It's a win-win-win for the bears, people, and the planet!

Play with peace of mind

It's compatible with any iOS 11+ or Android device and requires access to Wi-Fi or cellular data. Rest assured that your data is safe. All information collected is secured under strict encryption protocols.