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Adoption Kits

Symbolically adopt a species and receive a cuddly plush, educational poster, personalized certificate and optional re-usable tote bag.

Family adoptions

Double the fun by symbolically adopting a mother and its young. FREE shipping is included with every family adoption plush kit.

Adoption Bundles

Shopping for a herd of wildlife fans or collecting them all? Save with our adoption kit bundles. FREE shipping is included.

Adoption Cards

Symbolically adopt a species and receive a wildlife card, envelope and a personalized adoption certificate.


Our symbolic adoptions are inspired by wildlife, for its conservation. Choose from cuddly plush designed with conservation experts to include true-to-life features or a beautiful wildlife photo card. Bring a species home and help protect their home at the same time.

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Give an unforgettable gift that supports vital conservation projects in Canada and across the globe. A personalized certificate is sent to their inbox immediately, or on a date of your choosing, with information about how they are making a real difference for wildlife and habitats.


Apparel & More

Support conservation projects by shopping our exclusive line of meaningful and eco-friendly products.


Wear your love of nature on your sleeve, literally. Explore our collection of cozy and eco-friendly hoodies, t-shirts and socks for the entire family.


Shop meaningful and eco-friendly accessories that any wildlife lover can wear with pride. Every purchase helps safeguard wildlife and their habitats.

Home & More

Support WWF-Canada while you shop for your home with items like mugs, wooden birdhouses, recycled fabric planting containers and more.

Adopting a species

Did you know that our collection of plush were designed with the help of wildlife experts? Every adoption kit includes a true-to-life plush version of your symbolically adopted species.

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