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Invite this remarkably odd animal into your home — with our true-to-life platypus plush. Symbolically adopt one to help species like this duck-billed creature and their habitats thrive.

Each adoption kit includes a high-quality plush, personalized adoption certificate, educational poster and an optional reusable tote bag.

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Is it a duck? Is it a beaver? This small, shy animal is neither, thought it does share traits with them.

This strange creature — with a snout like a duck's bill, a flat tail like a beaver and thick insulated fur like an otter — was thought to be a hoax by the first scientists to examine it.

Found only in eastern Australia, platypuses are mammals that rely on freshwater rivers and streams. Platypus populations are currently threatened by habitat loss and bycatch.

With your symbolic adoption, you're helping WWF protect habitats across the globe, ensuring the long-term survival of species like the platypus.

Platypus - WWF-Canada


Along with the flat, duck-like bill, our plush includes the features that make platypuses so unique: a flattened head and body to help them glide through the water, dark brown and tan fur to keep them warm and dry, webbed feet to help them swim and, of course, the beaver-like tail.


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