Collared pika

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Take a peek at the pika! Symbolically adopt this fierce "rock rabbit" to help species like this one and their habitats thrive!

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Collared pikas are small herbivores that weigh roughly as much as a baseball. Despite their cuddly appearance, they're among North America's toughest animals and will defend their territory by chasing and fighting off intruders. A distinct grayish patch on the shoulder and neck forms the "collar" where it gets its name, appearing in contrast to the white fur on its chest and stomach.

Threatened by climate change, collared pikas are designated as Special Concern under Canada's Species at Risk Act. With your symbolic adoption, you're helping safeguard their habitat, along with many other species.


Our plush boasts the pikas' thick brown fur and round body that helps them conserve heat efficiently on treeless wind-swept slopes. It also has the same large round ears, long whiskers, short legs and almost no tail – just like the real species.


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