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Bring the country's most elusive big cat into your home. When you symbolically adopt a Canada lynx plush you help species like this triangle-eared hunter thrive.

Each adoption kit includes a high-quality plush, personalized adoption certificate, educational poster and an optional reusable tote bag.

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This quiet hunter generally ranges in size from that of an average domestic cat to six times larger. Marked by a small head and long legs, the lynx is characterized by its non-catlike short tail. Lynx typically hunt on the ground, but can climb trees, swim swiftly to catch fish, and spot a mouse over 70 metres away.

With your symbolic adoption, you're helping WWF-Canada protect habitats in Canada to ensure the long-term survival of species like the Canada lynx.


Our plush features the Canada lynx's easily recognizable thick fur coat, big eyes and long tufts on its ears. It's also got the large, thick-furred paws the lynx uses like snowshoes to hunt during the winter.


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