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Build your collection and save 20% when you purchase our international bundle! This bundle includes 15 species from around the world: African elephant, black jaguar, cheetah, fennec fox, giant panda, giraffe, great white shark, koala, platypus, red panda, ring-tailed lemur, sea turtle, snow leopard, red-eyed tree frog and white rhinoceros.

Each adoption kit includes a high-quality plush, blank adoption certificate, educational poster and a reusable tote bag.


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Blue Angel Ecolabel

Ethical Toy Certification

100% Recycled Filling


Globally, species populations have declined, on average, by 68 per cent in the past 40 years. Our unsustainable demands on nature are causing some of the biggest threats to wildlife, including habitat loss, climate change and overexploitation.

With your symbolic adoption, you're helping WWF take on these conservation challenges, ensuring the long-term survival of species like the giant panda, snow leopard and koala. What's more, you're also helping to create a healthier natural world for us all.

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