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Invite the largest bears in the world into your home — with our true-to-life polar bear family. Symbolically adopt a polar bear and cub to help these Arctic icons and other at-risk species thrive.

Each adoption kit includes a high-quality plush, personalized adoption certificate, educational poster and an optional reusable tote bag.

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Mother polar bears den by digging into deep snow drifts, creating a space protected from the elements to give birth and take care of their cubs. Cubs stick by their attentive mothers for about two years while she teaches them everything they need to know, from swimming and hunting to denning and migrating.

As our planet warms and sea ice melts, polar bear populations are increasingly at risk. WWF-Canada is working to protect this majestic species by supporting polar bear research, advocating for the protection of polar bear denning areas across the Arctic and working with northern communities to ensure healthy polar bear populations.

Your symbolic adoption helps protect habitats, fight climate change and ensure a thriving future for species like the polar bear.

Polar bear family - WWF-Canada


Polar bears aren't actually white! Beneath their thick fur, polar bears have jet black skin. The fur is translucent, only appearing white because it reflects visible light.

Our plush polar bear family includes an adult and cub. Both feature the giant paws that make it easy for real life polar bears to move across the ice without falling through or slipping. Tufts of fur between their toes and footpads help with warmth as well.


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