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Invite the “unicorn of the sea” into your home — with our true-to-life narwhal plush. Symbolically adopt one to help these ice whales and other at-risk species thrive.
Each adoption kit includes a high-quality plush, personalized adoption certificate, educational poster and an optional reusable tote bag.
    __FACEBOOK_DETAILS__The narwhal is one of the Arctic’s most intriguing species. They spend their entire lives in the Arctic waters of Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia. Narwhals are facing threats from habitat loss, ocean noise and climate change. Your symbolic adoption will help WWF-Canada secure the long-term survival of Arctic species like the narwhal. What’s more, it will also help protect other species at risk around the world.

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    The narwhal is one of the Arctic's most intriguing and elusive species, spending their entire lives in the Arctic waters of Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia. Inuit communities in the Canadian Arctic have long lived alongside narwhal and rely on the mammal as a source of food. They also feature prominently in Inuit stories and artwork. While they can live up to 50 years, narwhals face threats including habitat loss, ocean noise and climate change.

    WWF-Canada is working to protect narwhal through our Arctic Species Conservation Fund, supporting research and advocating for a network of marine protected areas. With your symbolic adoption, you're helping ensure the long-term survival of narwhal and other species.


    Our narwhal plush includes a long tusk that gives the real-life species the nickname "unicorn of the sea." The spiraled tusk, which is an enlarged tooth that can grow up to 10 feet long, has sensory capabilities and up to 10 million nerve endings!

    Narwhal change their colour as they age. Newborns are a blue-grey, juveniles are blue-black, adults are a mottled grey (like our plush!) and old narwhal are nearly all white.


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