Giant Pacific octopus

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Fit the largest octopus on Earth in your bedroom — with our true-to-life giant Pacific octopus plush. Symbolically adopt to help species like this master of disguise and their habitat thrive.

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The giant Pacific octopus can be found more than 100 metres from the surface where they seek security in small, underwater caves. These highly intelligent sea creatures have well-adapted defense mechanisms to keep them safe from predators like the ability to camouflage themselves, spray ink, squeeze into small spaces, or quickly expel water to jet out of dangerous situations.

Giant Pacific octopuses are facing mounting challenges as their oceanic habitat is threatened by climate change and pollution. With your symbolic adoption, you're helping WWF-Canada bring the ocean back to a state of health and resilience for species like the giant Pacific octopus.


Our giant Pacific octopus plush comes in reddish-pink and includes sucker-like markings on the undersides of its eight arms, which octopuses use to taste, smell and grip objects. In real life, one sucker has more taste receptors than the human tongue!


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