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Fit the largest animal on land in your bedroom—with our true-to-life African elephant plush. Symbolically adopt a mother and calf to help these gentle giants and other species thrive.

Each adoption kit includes a high-quality plush, personalized adoption certificate, educational poster and an optional reusable tote bag.

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Why adopt an elephant family?

African elephants live in complex social structures led by the oldest adult female who passes down knowledge from generation to generation. Her experience influences and guides the behaviour and success of the whole group.

Offspring can usually be found sticking close to their mom, and in times of danger other females in the herd will help protect young members. Female elephants often stay in the same herd with their mothers for their entire lives, while males leave the group when they are mature and ready to breed.

WWF is working to conserve these majestic creatures by slowing the loss of natural habitat and combatting poachers and the illegal ivory trade. With your symbolic adoption, you're helping protect habitats to provide a healthier natural world for us all.


Our African elephant plush features large ears, a short tail, stumpy feet with toenails and tusks, just like the real-life species! The ears of African elephants are much larger than other elephants and are shaped similarly to the continent of Africa.

The smaller plush calf has a prominent trunk, big ears and heavy body like its mother, but no tusks.


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