Virtual Gifts

Honour someone you care about by making a donation in their name. Send one of our fun and inspirational donation gift cards right to their inbox.

These e-gift cards are big on conservation impact and low on environmental footprint! When was the last time you gave “a tiger a fighting chance” as a gift to someone?

This is a wonderful solution for everyone on your list, especially the hard-to-buy people who already have it all.

Looking for the perfect give for your employees or a group of friends? Give us a call at 1-800-267-2632 and we can customize your gift amount for bulk orders of 20 or more.



Faites plaisir à quelqu’un en offrant un cadeau de soutien à la planète. Préservation de l’habitat du panda ou reconstitution des populations de la morue de l’Atlantique, la carte-cadeau vous permet de soutenir un projet de conservation important au nom de quelqu’un de spécial, qui recevra un certificat personnalisé dans sa boîte de réception.